About me, and some meta-foo.

Hey you! Thanks for caring enough to click on a link with such a boring title. I will try to make it worth your time by keeping it as short as possible here.

About me

If you stumbled upon this site or some photos of mine without context, you might want to know who I am, I guess!

There is not much to say here, honestly. Photography is just a hobby of mine, and I actually do not think I took a good photo yet. I just shoot the things I like to see, and the things I like to remember, and occasionally, other people seem to enjoy the results. I am actually a full-time software engineer, working as a web superglue engineer for Firefox. I am also tackling privacy, communication, and other fun topics between working and sleeping. And taking photos, obviously.

A more complete profile is available on my main website if you want to have a look. That site also has links to social media profiles of mine, but here is my Instagram profile.


I used to make most of my photos available under free licenses, but after tons of people and companies completely ignored the license terms and just stole the image without any credits, I decided to stop doing that in order to give myself a bit more room to stop those people. Stop stealing photos, humans.

If you want to use any of my photos for whatever reason, please do get in touch with me. We can work something out, and usually I am more than fine with people using it for non-commercial uses without any licensing. But please, get in touch with me and do not assume I will be fine.